Thorberg Beer

If you are interested in ordering please email us at to reserve your production. Since it takes 3 months for the beer to fully mature, we can only supply those customers that have reserved production.

​​We believe that higher quality can be achieve by giving the various fermentation processes the necessary time to complete their cycle. 

Belgenius Slow Brewed Golden Ale is brewed in small batches using only traditional techniques, three Belgian hops and a specially selected yeast strain that slowly releases all the flavors.

Our secret to achieving  exceptional quality and balance is by allowing the full golden flavor to develop and mature for over 90 days until complete perfection.

Belgenius Citrus Strong Golden Ale

Good things come to those who wait

Slow and steady improves the flavor. Fermenting a beer without allowing time for the conditioning phase is like leaving a show before the final act has played out. Something will be missing from the total experience, and you deprive yourself of the full value of the show you paid for.

​Giving the beer time to condition smoothes and refines the beer’s flavor. Conditioning reduces diacetyl levels, vents dimethyl sulfide, and esterifies fusel alcohols. Yeast is given time to consume the remaining fermentables without also consuming the junk food in the trub. The low concentration of dormant yeast cells also prevents off-flavors caused by fatty acid excretion and autolysis. Finally, secondary fermentation allows time for more yeast and haze to settle out before bottling.

Why is Slow Brewed better?

The result is better beer.

​​This requires more patience from our side and it is more expensive since we can't produce as much as when we would shorten the cycle.

However, we believe it is worth and good things come to those that wait. Discover and taste the full rewards of the grand finale.

Belgenius Belgian Haze IPA