- Pleasantly fruity & citrus nose and taste

- Harmonious and balanced body

- Crisp, bright and wonderfully hoppy finish
Alcohol by volume: 6.5% 

International Bitterness Units: 40 
Serving Temperature: Cool

Statue "Fonske" in Leuven is the unofficial mascot of the university and stands for pouring knowledge into his head one beer at a time. We are contributing to the Belgian beer knowledge. 

Thorberg Five Hop Belgian IPA

Our vision

Hop varieties: 

- Belgian hop: Golding 

- American hops: Willamette, Mosaic, Citra and Equinox.

Combination of dry and late hopping to capture better the hop aromas

Cheese Pairing Ideas: Blue, Cheddar, Edam, Gorgonzola 
Food Pairing Ideas: meat dishes

Thorberg beer: Belgian beer courageously brewed for a mighty taste

Thorberg comprises the word Thor and Berg.  Thor, taken from the North European god of thunder and berg derived from the word for an inn (herberg). 

Thor“Donar” or “Thunar” are the Dutch words for Thor; the Nordic god of thunder who was recognized throughout Northern Europe.  In the low countries of Europe such as current day Belgium, mythology and deities played a significant part in everyday customs. 


Our goal is to expand the range of Belgian beer styles by using both traditional and contemporary techniques and ingredients with small batch care. We have been heavily involved in the Belgian and global beer industry for decades and see tremendous opportunity as an independent micro-brewery, to craft a new approach.  To build upon the anchored and long standing Belgian tradition of crafting exceptional beers and integrating new approaches from around the world!

We want to bring a new generation of styles and flavors that expand on the Belgian beer legacy. We also believe in collaboration with the many talented brew masters that have spent years in developing their skill and forging ahead to bring new approaches.  

We believe the craft brewing movement is just gaining momentum and that we can offer beers with a unique blend of ingredients that are of significantly better quality than the mass marketed lager beers produced by major breweries. Some of the ingredients we use are simply not available on a larger scale. We also don't put a premium on time for commercial reasons. Our uncompromising objective is quality and that means we take more time for our beers, buy better and hard to find ingredients and collaborate with the best in the industry.


Thorberg - What's in a name?

Thorberg Beer

As the fertility of the land relied upon nourishment from the sun and rain, thunder gods such as Thor - as the oldest divinities were worshipped. It was believed they had a direct impact on the harvest, fair weather and crops. We brew our beers with traditional techniques with only natural ingredients and are therefore equally dependent on the quality of the harvest.

Berg - from the Dutch word “herberg” or “Bergen”. A herberg is an old inn or tavern where travelers would be offered food, drinks and hospitality. The word 'herbergen' means to house guests and offer them hospitality. We are pretty sure that the herbergers would have been extremely happy to quench their thirst and savor our Thorberg Belgian IPA.​​

Thorberg has several new brothers called Belgenius

It takes hero brewers to craft an innovative Belgian beer with small batch care; gathering rare super hops and combining the best brewing techniques from around the world with ingenuity. We celebrate the hero artisans that seek new experiences and bring a novel story to the chronicle of beer. 

​Our nemesis is uninspiring or mass produced beer. 

Thorberg celebrates the everyday heroes and is a perfect way to refresh yourself after an epic day. We brew uncompromising beers with a novel approach that celebrate what each of us can achieve. ​​


Combining the best of Belgian and American brewing